Fringe Jazz presents - TÄCKE QUARTET

TÄCKE QUARTET are at FRINGE JAZZ at THE BRISTOL FRINGE Clifton Village on Wednesday 22nd May at 8PM. Tickets £10.
                    Nick Dover - Sax
                    Steve Banks - Guitar
                    Will Harris - Double Bass
                    Billy Weir - Drums
"My early years were full of Joni Mitchell and Led Zeppelin" - Nick Dover. Täcke is a new project exploring the idea of song within instrumental music. With strong influence from folk and country music, the band aim to merge the exploratory nature of improvised jazz with the emotional directness of song. Often settling in the softer end of the spectrum amongst whispering ballads and brooding originals, following in the wake of artists such as Bill Frisell, Joni Mitchell and Charlie Haden.
Tickets are also available at TREBLEROCK Guitar Shop, 52 The Mall in Clifton Village. Treblerock is open Mon - Sat.
FRINGE JAZZ every Wednesday at 8PM at THE BRISTOL FRINGE, 32 Princess Victoria Street, Clifton Village, Bristol BS8 4BZ.
Fringe Jazz is run in association with TREBLEROCK Guitar Shop

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32 Princess Victoria Street, Clifton Village